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​​​​​Stat: For every second you look down while driving at 120km/h you 'blind' drive for 33 meters

Do you hold your phone while driving? 

Phone calls?

Google Maps?

Do you think that is safe?

We want to Ensure you Drive Safer on the Roads


Place the metal plate inside the removable battery cover of your device


Place the metal plate between your device and its protective case

Rather use a NOVA and be HANDS FREE


In Action

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If you have any problems or questions,

please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Whats Included in the Box

The package includes:

  • 1 x NOVA product
  • 1 x rectangular plate
  • 1 x circular disk with adhesive

Order through the website under the "Contact NOVA" section below.

Please supply:


Contact number for delivery

Please note: deliveries for South Africa only

How to Order

       NOVA is:

  • Hands free 

  • Easily removable

  • Legs have two different widths


Contact NOVA

Attach the metal plate using the adhesive to the back of your device

Find us at:

​UCT Book Store (Cape Town)

Spar Umhlanga (Durban)

*Note these stores might not run the same price special

3 Ways of Mounting the Metal Insert Plate

​Magnetic Air Vent Mount For Mobile Devices